How a Custom Hand Rail Can Enhance Your Home

If you’re wondering how on earth installing a custom hand rail can impact the value of your home, you’ve come to the right place. There are plenty of ways that adding a new hand rail installation can improve home value. Here are a few of the most important.


If your porch is still surrounded by an ancient handrail that’s beyond its prime, you may be endangering your family, and any visitors. Think about it – leaning on a rusted or rotted railing may end, quite quickly, with a trip into the flower beds below. If they happen to be roses, you can imagine what that poor unsuspecting person will look like!

So, if for no other reason, take a look at those railings, and if they’re looking a little worse for wear, replace them with a new hand rail installation, and boost your home safety!


As far as aesthetics go, hand rail installations can help in two ways. Firstly, again, if your old railing is worn, rusted, or otherwise past its prime, it will make your home look better.

The nice thing about a custom hand rail installation too is that you can match the design to the style of your home, or even use the hand rail installation to inject a particular element into your otherwise generic home.

For instance, if you love stark, clean modern lines, then a slick stainless steel hand rail could enhance that appearance. If, on the other hand, you love old fashioned Victorian style, then a cast iron type of railing would work well, and if it’s ranch style that you like, you could choose a rustic timber version.

Choosing a new hand rail installation that matches your personal style can certainly elevate the particular aesthetic you’d like to channel through your home, which means it’s a great option for a relatively cost effective face lift to your home, or to add to a look you’re working on achieving.

First Impressions Matter

Yes. It may be a cliché. But it’s still true! People make up their minds within seconds of first meeting you, and of first seeing your home. If your porch railing looks awful, it doesn’t matter how nice the inside of your house looks. People will have made up their minds before they even make it in the front door!

This is especially true if you plan to sell your home. Yes, baking cookies to make your humble abode smell wonderful can go a long way, but if prospective buyers see that your house looks raggedy before they even have the opportunity of crossing the threshold, even your grandma’s secret recipe won’t have the desired effect!

The message is clear – to improve the value of your home, from the outside in, you should pay attention to your porch, and, if it’s looking shabby, consider giving it a face lift with a new hand rail installation. That, and a nice new welcome mat, and your entryway should look as good as new – if not better!