How to Choose the Perfect Intercom System

If you’re interested in home or business security, and you want an integrated, high tech system, then a keypad entry or automated intercom should be on your wish list.

The best thing about installing an automated intercom system is that it’s completely scalable, and can be integrated with just about any existing, or future, security measures that you choose to install. There are a few things to consider though.

System Size

When it comes to the size of your system, you have two basic choices – one to one, or one to many. Opting for the first type limits you – your intercom system will have a phone box or gate station at your entrance area, and a single handset somewhere in your home or office – ideal if you’re the only person who will be using it.

If, however, you want more than one way to open a gate or door, or can tell who’s at either, you will want to opt for a one to many type of automated intercom system. This means that while there’s one gate station, or keypad at the entrance, there are many handsets that can operate it – usually useful for apartment complexes, offices or even large houses – where running down stairs to answer a handset at the front door is neither feasible nor fun.

Type of Intercom

Another factor to consider when you’re choosing an intercom system is the type of unit you’re looking for. Some are simple audio, others offer black and white video, and still others have color video. Costs can vary widely, but being able to positively identify a visitor at your door means that video is always a great choice!

There are also a wide range of brands and models out there, but, when choosing an automated intercom system, it’s best to bear quality and warranty in mind – if you opt for a very cheap unit, you may find that you don’t get the desired use out of it – or that if you need to redeem the warranty, you have trouble!


Choosing to install an automated intercom system is a great idea, and if you have other electronic security or access control measures too, it will be an even better investment. For instance, an intercom system and keypad entry can be used to operate a sliding or swing gate. Which means that those who have remotes can still use the entry, but that visitors and guests can use either keypad entry with a code, or an automated intercom to enter – and you’ll always be sure that they’re people you’d like to see!

Intercom systems vary greatly in price and capability, but the good news is that there is one to suit nearly every budget and security requirement. So if you like the idea of being in control of access, they’re well worth looking into. Just make sure you get a reasonable brand, and that the unit is installed by someone who knows what they are doing!