Surveillance Systems and Security Cameras

AAV Custom Gates installs professional surveillance systems that can be used to record or monitor all areas of your property. Whether you want to use discrete cameras for video monitoring, or visible cameras for theft deterrence, we will customize a solution.

Security cameras come in all shapes and sizes, depending upon your individual requirements. Let us install them for you to ensure that the system works correctly and reliably. Nothing is worse than having a full security system installation fail at the wrong moment right when it is needed most.

Cameras can be accessed remotely through computer feeds, or fed into a video recording system that databases by date and time. You can easily use these systems to pull up a specific day and time to find out what occurred on your property.

Home Security Automation

Technology truly is a wonderful thing. It has made it possible for us to connect with friends and family around the world, shop, bank, and even work online, and made it possible for you to have completely automated home security.

An integrated home security system is the answer to many people’s prayers, since it makes it possible for you to control your home security, even when you are not around. Here are a few examples of home security automation you may not have known about.

Security Camera Installations

Home security camera installations have become far more cost effective, smaller, less bulky, and easy to use.

With the option of adding automated lighting to your home security camera installation, or even use infra red day/night cameras, your system can operate day and night, and with the added option of a DVR, or digital video recorder, to your security camera installation, you can record, and view, everything that happens at your home.

Security camera installations are remotely accessible these days, with computer based DVR’s and advancements in control software allowing you to dial into your system from anywhere in the world.

Video Feed Automation

It’s this kind of video feed automation that is making it so attractive for homeowners to invest in security camera installations with video feed automation software. By allowing you access to camera’s, or setting cameras up to record only when there is motion in the area of the camera, you not only know when your home security system has been breached, but you have time to do something about it!

Home Security Automation

Home security camera installation, and video feed automation are only some of your options when it comes to a great home security system.

These days, the integration of cameras, alarm systems, electric fencing and other electronic security systems means that you know immediately if someone tries to access your home unlawfully. This allows you to take action, alert authorities or your security company, get your family out of the home, and out of harm’s way, and helps prevent crimes like burglary, as well as violent crime.

Whether you opt for a simple home security camera installation, or a more high tech system that integrates advanced video footage, video automation and other features, it is an investment in your security, that of your family, and your possessions.

Add On Systems

If you are concerned about the cost of a security camera installation in your home, or a video automation system, then there are options for you that can reduce the cost. Speak to your contractor about which types of cameras and equipment are available, and get various options.

Another choice is to get a price on a “bare bones” system, but one that can be upgraded over time. That way, you will have the protection, but can add high tech features and additional functionality at a later stage, as you get the capital to do so.  A good security contractor should be able to give you a range of options, which will make high tech security systems affordable for you.